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Functional Health refers to a biology-based approach to identifying the root causes of disease.

Functional Health refers to a biology-based approach to identifying the root causes of disease. At MV Integrative, we believe that every aspect of your lifestyle may play an instrumental part in causing or prolonging a specific illness. By taking a comprehensive approach to medicine, we are able to trace symptoms back to their source and tackle several issues through personalized lifestyle modifications. These include improving nutrition, encouraging exercise, and limiting exposure to harmful toxins.

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Studies show a significant link between nutrition and insomnia. Eating fatty and fried foods before bed can cause disruptions to your sleeping schedule. Alternatively, choosing complex carb foods actually promotes restfulness. Having a controlled nutrition plan can significantly improve sleep, thereby ensuring greater wellness.

Anxiety and Depression

Psychological function and physical exercise have been shown to be positively correlated. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, leading to a euphoric feeling. This brings on an eventual state of ease, alleviating low mood and other symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Functional Health Treatments

Nutritional Services

At MV Integrative, we recognize the deep link between food and function. Our expert functional medicine team provides highly personalized nutritional advice to treat a variety of diseases. Depression, anxiety, and fatigue are all symptoms of bodily imbalance. By creating a proper dietary routine, you can regain control and achieve an optimal state of wellness.

Stress Management

Stress can occur through a combination of environmental, social, and health issues. MV Integrative offers a variety of treatment options aimed at reducing stress levels. We provide exercise, massage, and other treatments for regaining calm. Let our functional health professionals guide you back to perfect balance.

Functional Health Services in Fairbanks, Alaska

Your body is capable of amazing things, let us help guide it to an optimal state of wellness. Visit our expert staff of functional health providers to regain your energy and return to optimal health. Request a consultation appointment today by calling (907) 371-1777 or sharing your information via the form below.

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