Those who experience frequent bouts of exhaustion with no apparent cause may be experiencing a decline in hormones or a nutritional deficiency.

Exhaustion and fatigue are normal reactions to intense work. Sometimes we have the habit of pushing ourselves too hard in pursuit of our goals. However, suffering from chronic fatigue issues is a different matter altogether. Those who experience frequent bouts of exhaustion with no apparent cause may be experiencing a decline in hormones or a nutritional deficiency. If this is something you struggle with, MV Integrative is here to help. Our talented staff of medical experts is eager to help you reach your full potential. We offer a range of high quality, natural treatments for fatigue that will keep you motivated and operating at full capacity.

Feeling Exhausted?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a common diagnosis for those who suffer from extended periods of exhaustion. Interestingly, there isn’t just one cause of fatigue, but many treatment options have been shown to improve energy in those dealing with the issue. The important thing to do when addressing fatigue is to get a comprehensive picture of the patient. At MV Integrative, our goals are to help you meet yours. That is why every visit to our clinic begins with a thorough discussion of your past, your present health, and your future wellness goals.

Chronic Fatigue Treatments

Following testing and a complete evaluation of the factors contributing to your fatigue, we will provide you with treatment options to tackle the issue. Our treatment options are all clinically shown to naturally produce an elevated mood, increased energy, and overall well-being.

Hormone Replacement

Often, fatigue may be present due to a hormonal imbalance. Men suffering from testosterone deficiency often report gaining weight and feeling tired. Women have the same issues and can even suffer further if they’re also struggling with estrogen loss. MV Integrative is happy to provide our clients with effective and personalized hormone replacement treatments.

B-12 Injections

Vitamin deficiency may be contributing significantly to your fatigue. B vitamins are essential for energy production, protein metabolism, and overall body maintenance. Our calibrated vitamin injections work by providing your body with the nutrients it lacks. Increasing your body’s nutrition can effectively improve your mood and energy levels.

Mitochondrial dysfunction

Our mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of our cells. Habits such as proper sleep hygiene, intermittent fasting, and high intensity interval training boost mitochondrial functioning. We can also use specific nutrients to increase energy on the cellular level to provide relief from fatigue and body aches.

Exhaustion Treatment in Fairbanks, Alaska

Chronic fatigue shouldn’t define you. MV Integrative is here to listen to your body and guide you on every step of your wellness journey. Our trained staff of medical experts is here to meet your wellness needs. Request a consultation appointment to discuss fatigue today by calling (907) 371-1777 or sharing your information via the form below.


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