Double Chin

Fat in the form of a double chin can be terribly discouraging.

Fat in the form of a double chin can be terribly discouraging. Those who are well into their weight loss journeys can attest to the stubborn nature of this affliction. Often, age can complicate the matter, too. After 30, our skin laxity increases due to the gradual loss of collagen. This decline results in accelerated sagging and adds to the size of submental fullness. MV Integrative is a proud provider of SculpSure by Cynosure. This FDA-approved product is designed to decrease fat without the need for surgery or downtime.

Double Chin Trouble?

The appearance of a double chin can rarely be controlled. This stubborn fat buildup can present itself due to age, weight changes, and oftentimes even genetics. At MV Integrative, we always encourage our clients to pursue their wellness goals through proper diet and exercise. However, we understand that double chins can oftentimes form outside of our control. When they do appear, they can decrease our motivation to continue our regimes. Our goal at MV is to help you stay on the right path toward total body wellness. Your mission is our mission, and we are proud to support you through our safe, non-invasive SculpSure treatment option.

Double Chin Reduction Treatments

SculpSure Submental with Revive Aesthetics

SculpSure is a non-surgical, non-invasive solution for getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat. MV Integrative/Revive Aesthetics offers the submental attachment option for treating double chins specifically. The device works by using laser energy to target fat cells. The cells are damaged through contact with the heat emitted by the device and are then gradually removed through your body’s lymphatic system. A treatment with SculpSure typically reduces targeted fat concentration by 24%. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve the look you want, but the results are permanent. Learn more about SculpSure on the Revive Aesthetics website.

Double Chin Treatment in Fairbanks, Alaska

Don’t let a double chin discourage you. MV Integrative is here to listen to your body and guide you on every step of your wellness journey. Our trained staff of medical experts is here to meet your wellness needs. Request a consultation appointment for double chin reduction today by calling (907) 371-1777 or sharing your information via the form below.


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